Payment Methods

Payment methods

When shopping in our online shop you can choose between different payment methods - depending on the size of your order and your personal preferences. The following overview gives you a overview and should make your decision easier.
Which payment method is the safest?
A reliable security standard is our highest priority. All of the payment options we offer are therefore considered to be secure and have established themselves over the years as tried and tested payment methods in the online trade.
Can I still change the selected payment method?
For technical reasons, it is unfortunately not possible to subsequently change the payment method possible. If you would like to pay in advance, e.g. via PayPal instead of paying in advance, please simply cancel the existing order and place your order with the correct payment method in our online shop.

The classic: simple and free of charge. You transfer the amount to a bank account of our service partner Mollie B.V. The money is transfer is received after 1-2 working days. days. As soon as we can book your payment, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. We also send confirmation by e-mail after we have shipped your order. have shipped your order.
  • After you have completed the order process, you will receive all the necessary bank details that are relevant for the transaction. transaction. Your order will only be dispatched after receipt of payment.
  • Please be sure to state the correct reason for payment in your transfer. otherwise your payment cannot be assigned and will be returned. cannot be assigned and will be returned.
  • Payment by bank transfer is made to an account of Mollie B.V (Stichting Mollie Payments).

With PayPal you can pay us quickly and securely. pay. By leaving your bank and credit card credit card details with PayPal, you don't have to enter them again every time you make a purchase. Use your existing PayPal account and pay for your conveniently pay for your order with us.
PayPal Express
With PayPal Express you can shorten the ordering shorten the ordering process. A button in the shopping cart takes you directly to your your PayPal account, a registration with us is not necessary. registration is not necessary. Order information, such as credit card and address details, are transferred directly from PayPal and does not have to be entered again.
  • After submitting your order you will be redirected to PayPal. forwarded. There, by clicking the button "Payment" button to make the booking.
  • In order to be able to pay via PayPal, you will need a PayPal account.
  • You can set up your own PayPal account free of charge at
  • Shipment will be made as soon as we have received payment and all and all items are available.
  • A different delivery address can only be entered before completing the order process. before completing the order process, after which a change is no longer possible.
  • The maximum order value is € 5,000 incl. shipping costs.
  • When paying by PayPal, it is no longer possible to change the of the delivery address after receipt of the order is no longer possible.
  • You will find out whether payment by instalments is available to you after you have after submitting the order in the order/payment information on the PayPal page
By the way, paying with PayPal is always free of charge for you. We take over the fees.

Convenient and proven: Payment by direct debit from your credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express). You enter your credit card number, validity and verification number, and we will transmit the data using secure encryption. Subsequently, you will be forwarded to the 3D-Secure security query of your house bank. A few seconds later your order can already be processed. The debit of the amount is not debited until the goods are dispatched.

With Apple Pay, you can shop in our webshop particularly quickly and easily. and easy, because you pay with your iPhone, iPad or iMac - in other words the devices you always have with you.

Thanks to Apple Pay, you don't have to fill out any forms or create a customer account when shopping online with your Apple device. After you have entered your account information once via the Wallet app, simply select Apple Pay as the payment method in the checkout process. You can connect Apple Pay to both a credit card and a giro card - for example, your girocard. Then confirm the payment effortlessly and securely via Face ID or Touch ID.

On your MacBook Pro, use Touch ID on the Touch Bar to confirm your purchase. on the Touch Bar. If you are using a MacBook or a Mac without a Touch Bar, the iPhone or Apple Watch will handle the ID process. Please note that all devices must use the same the same iCloud accounts, and in your Apple Wallet app you must first app to activate payment on your MacBook or Mac. must be activated.