BMW brake pads (rear / sinter) R1200GS (K25) R1200GS Adv (K25) HP2 Enduro (K25) HP2 Megamoto (K25) R1200RT (K26) R 900RT (K26) R1200R (K27) R1200ST (K28) HP2 Sport (K29) R1200S (K28) R1150GS (R21) R1150GS Adv (R21) R1150R (R28) R1150R Rocks

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BMW Motorrad sintered metal brake pads

Original sintered metal brake pads from BMW for your motorbike. In the case of very high-quality brake pads, which are subjected to high loads, the lining is usually sintered. This is a special manufacturing process in which up to 15 different powdery metals are compressed under heat and pressure. This compresses the raw materials to such an extent that they bond with each other and exhibit an enormously high level of strength.

In contrast to bonded lining cakes of organic linings, the lining cake of sintered linings fuses with the carrier plate due to the high temperatures prevailing during manufacture (up to 1000° Celsius), and is thus almost inseparably bonded with it.

For the motorcyclist, sintered metal brake pads offer many decisive advantages:

  • constantly high coefficient of friction - no matter what the temperature
  • extremely temperature-resistant
  • non-flammable brake pad abrasion
  • longer service life compared to organic pads
  • minimised wear of the brake discs

Replace the pads regularly to ensure riding safety. Brakes wear out relatively quickly and should always be checked and replaced regularly. You can find out the latest intervals at which you should replace the brake pads either from your BMW dealer or from the motorbike owner's manual.

Fits the following models:

850R850R2002-.2006R28(Rear wheel / Sinter)
850R850RT2002-2005R22(Rear wheel / Sinter)
900R900RT2005-2010K26(Rear wheel / Sinter)
900R900RT2006-2012K26(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1100R1100S1998-2005259(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1150R 1150 GS2000-2004R21(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1150R 1150 GS Adventure2001-2005R21(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1150R1150R2001-2006R28(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1150R1150R Rockster2002-2005R28(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1150R1150RS2001-2005R22(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1150R1150RT2000-2004R22(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1200HP2 Enduro2005-2008K25(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1200HP2 Megamoto2007-2010K25(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1200HP2 Sport2008-2011K29(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1200R 1200 C2003-2005259(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1200R 1200 C Independent2003-2005259C(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1200R 1200 C Montauk2003-2005259C(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1200R1200GS2004-2007K25(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1200R1200GS2008-2009K25(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1200R1200GS2010-2012K25(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1200R1200GS Adv2006-2007K25(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1200R1200GS Adv2008-2009K25(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1200R1200GS Adv2010-2013K25(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1200R1200R2005-2008K27(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1200R1200R2011-2014K27(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1200R1200RT2005-2009K26(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1200R1200RT2010-2012K26(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1200R1200S2005-2008K28(Rear wheel / Sinter)
1200R1200ST2005-2008K28(Rear wheel / Sinter)

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More Information
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Materialsintered metal
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Suitable for the following vehiclesBMW R 1100 S (1998-2005), BMW R 1150 GS ADVENTURE (2001-2005), BMW R 1150 GS (2000-2004), BMW R 1150 R ROCKSTER (2002-2005), BMW R 1150 R (2000-2006), BMW R 1150 RS (2001-2005), BMW R 1150 RT (2000-2006), BMW HP2 ENDURO (2005-2007), BMW HP2 MEGAMOTO (2007-2009), BMW HP2 SPORT (2008-2011), BMW R 1200 C (2003-2005), BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE (2006-2007), BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE (2008-2009), BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE (2010-2013), BMW R 1200 GS (2004-2007), BMW R 1200 GS (2008-2009), BMW R 1200 GS (2010-2013), BMW R 1200 R (2006-2011), BMW R 1200 R (2011-2014), BMW R 1200 RT (2005-2009), BMW R 1200 RT (2010-2014), BMW R 1200 S (2006-2008), BMW R 1200 ST (2005-2008), BMW R 850 R (2002-2006), BMW R 900 RT SF (2005-2009)
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