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Manufacturer BMW
Manufacturer ID 76 51 5 A50 A99
Type Other motorcycle accessories
Area of application Universal
Colour Black
Approval Not subject to registration
Delivery contents 1 Set

BMW Connected Ride Com U1

What could be better than enjoying your impressions while driving with your fellow passenger or even a whole group? Having conversations, listening to music or simply being navigated to the next destination - it's all very simple. The helmet-independent ConnectedRide Com U1 communication system makes it possible. It's uncomplicated, intuitive and natural: the way communication should be.

The new ConnectRide Com U1 is a helmet-independent communication system and offers numerous advantages for rider, pillion and the biker group. The rider can communicate with the pillion or the group via Bluetooth or Mesh 2.0. The communication system also enables phone calls while riding and listening to music as a couple. A quick-charge function increases the operational capability.

With its universally matching design, the system can be easily attached to most BMW Motorrad helmets. And the easy-to-install speakers provide a high-quality sound experience in HD quality in addition to a high level of wearing comfort.

The glove-friendly operation is quite intuitive via four buttons on the ConnectedRide Com U1 or alternatively via the system's own app Com U1. With "Hey Sena" you can also activate predefined voice commands. And if you connect your smartphone directly to the communication system, you can use the voice commands on your smartphone as usual.


  • Modern, universally suitable design for various helmets, e.g. for the BMW Motorrad helmets StreetX GS Pure or Sao Paulo.
  • Conversations with the co-driver or the group via Bluetooth or Mesh 2.0
  • Phone calls while riding
  • Listen to music together with the co-driver or another rider
  • Glove-friendly operation via four buttons or alternatively via free app
  • Quick charge function: After only 20 minutes of charging, 3.5 hours of mesh intercom or six hours of Bluetooth intercom operation are already possible
  • Speakers with impressive audio performance in HD quality
  • Very easy installation in the helmet
  • Provided the cell phone is directly connected, convenient access to digital voice assistants is possible (e.g. Alexa, Siri, Google)

BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide is a functional product family that you can connect via Bluetooth and, most importantly, control via the BMW Motorrad Connected app. We laid the foundation with BMW Motorrad Connectivity: a system that brings the familiar features of your smartphone, such as telephony, music and navigation, wirelessly to the TFT display of your motorcycle. But that was just the beginning, because many more BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide products will follow to make your riding experience even easier, safer and more comfortable - no matter where and with which bike you are on the road.

Communication via Bluetooth or Mesh 2.0

With the ConnectedRide Com U1 you have the choice between two connection types: Bluetooth is the best choice if you want to talk to another person and offers you a range of up to 2 km in open terrain. With mesh, even up to 8 km is possible - as long as you're traveling in a group of at least six people.

But the Mesh connection can do even more: Group Mesh Intercom allows private, closed groups with up to 24 participants. Multi Channel Open Mesh, on the other hand, enables open groups with an infinite number of participants traveling within range. Here everyone who is on the same channel can communicate with the group without prior pairing. Whereby you always have the possibility to switch between private and open group with only one keystroke.

This is where the music plays

With the ConnectedRide Com U1 you can easily share your playlist with your fellow rider and his ConnectedRide Com U1: so you are on the road with the same soundtrack. The built-in FM radio also stores up to 10 stations and can be easily turned on and off at the touch of a button.

Easy to use and simple to install: With only a few individual parts, the ConnectedRide Com U1 offers a lot of communication.

  • Control unit
  • Charging and data cable
  • Loudspeaker, 40 mm
  • Bracket microphone
  • Cable microphone

The ConnectedRide Com U1 can bring a Fit-for-All or a communication system V3 into the mesh group. In the case of the V3 communication system, however, a setting must first be made via the app or Device Manager in conjunction with the ConnectedRide Com U1.

Depending on the operating mode, you can operate different functions via voice control. English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Russian are available. An LED informs you of the battery's charge status and an automatic voice announcement warns you of low battery reserves. The battery life is up to 13 hours for Bluetooth Intercom and up to 8 hours for Mesh Intercom.

Thanks to the fast charging function, you can also make the most of short breaks: just 20 minutes of charging time is enough for 3.5 hours in Mesh Intercom mode and 6 hours in Bluetooth Intercom mode.

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