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BMW Motorrad Bohling

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Manufacturer BMW
Manufacturer ID 34 11 8 548 028
Type Front brake pads
Genuine spare part of manufacturer? Yes
Delivery contents 1 Set
Delivery comment 1 set for one brake disc, please order 2 sets
Fits following vehicles
BMW R 1200 GS (2013-2016)
BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE (2014-2016)
BMW R 1200 R (2017-2018)
BMW R 1200 RS (2015-2016)
BMW R NINE T (2013-2015)
BMW S 1000 XR (2015-2016) K49

Original BMW Motorcycle sintered Brake Pads

Original BMW brake pads made of sinter for your motorcycle. In the case of very high-quality brake linings, which are subjected to a high pressure, the lining is usually sintered. This is a special manufacturing process in which up to 15 different powdery metals are compacted under heat and pressure. As a result, the starting materials compress so much that they bond with one another and have an extremely high strength.

In contrast to glued pavers of organic pads, the pads of sintered pavers fuses with the carrier plate due to the high temperatures (up to 1000 ° Celsius) during the production, and is thus almost inseparably connected to it.

For the motorcyclist, sintered metal brake pads offer many decisive advantages:

  • Constant high coefficient of friction - no matter at which temperatures
  • Extremely temperature resistant
  • Non-combustible brake lining wear
  • Longer service life compared to organic coatings
  • Minimized wear of the brake discs

Replace regularly the linings to ensure driving safety. Brake pads wears relatively quickly and should always be regularly checked and replaced. In which intervals you should change the brake pads at the latest, you can find out either from your BMW dealer or from the manual of the motorcycle.

Fits the following models:

800 F 800 R 2017 K73 (front wheel / Sinter)
800 F 800 R 2015-2016 K73 (front wheel / Sinter)
1000 S 1000 XR 2017 K49 (front wheel / Sinter)
1000 S 1000 XR 2015-2016 K49 (front wheel / Sinter)
1170 R nineT 2014-2015 K21 (front wheel / Sinter)
1170 R nineT 2016-2017 K21 (front wheel / Sinter)
1200 R 1200 GS 2017 K50 (front wheel / Sinter)
1200 R 1200 GS 2013-2016 K50 (front wheel / Sinter)
1200 R 1200 GS Adventure 2017 K51 (front wheel / Sinter)
1200 R 1200 GS Adventure 2014-2016 K51 (front wheel / Sinter)
1200 R 1200 R 2015-2017 K53 (front wheel / Sinter)
1200 R 1200 RS 2015-2017 K54 (front wheel / Sinter)
1200 R 1200 RT 2013-2017 K52 (front wheel / Sinter)

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